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UnderCover Guide to use with your Linealarm® Ice Fishing Buzzer


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Item description

LineAlarm® buzzers are sold separately*.  

Add your choice of LineAlarm buzzer(s) to your UnderCover Guide order in your shopping cart to get both products. 

The UnderCover Guide can be used with LineAlarm®.  After you mount your LineAlarm® buzzer, the next step is to simply mount your UnderCover Guide to your Catch Cover, Fish Hole Buddy, or Sven Sleeve ice fishing hole sleeve.

Directions to mount your LineAlarm® to the UnderCover Guide

Locate the small holes on the top edge of the UnderCover Guide arm.  Depending on the size of your hole sleeve diameter, locate the appropriate holes: Sven Sleeves and Catch Cover sleeves use the inner holes.  For Fish Hole Buddy sleeves, use the outer holes.  Remove the screws on the back side of the LineAlarm®.  Use the two longer screws provided to fasten the LineAlarm® to the UnderCover Guide.


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