I used these line alarms up north last winter and they were the best thing I’ve ever used for icefishing. Now I’m going to get some for my own house and I can’t wait to use them this winter. Along with the magnetic rod holders I’m so excited. Try them for yourself and you’ll be hooked like I am. – Paul Vanzuilen

Thanks Tony! Looking forward to using your great products this winter. Bought LineAlarms last year they work great. Caught a lot of walleyes, pike, perch and panfish using these. I’ll send photos this season. I have been spreading the word about your product. – Don Gustafson

Thank you! I really like the line alarms they work very well, and the fish do not even feel the release. I mainly fish walleyes and I’ve had no problems as far as losing a fish because they felt no tension. I tell my friends to get this product even though I really don’t want them to because I catch more fish than they do, so I don’t want to help them that way. LOL. – Brad Aker

I purchased 4 of your linealarms from Joes Sporting goods in St. Paul. I have been using them mounted with velcro in my Yetti until if I decided I like them or not. Of course I love them now that I have used them. So much better than rattle reels. Nice product. – Jeff D.

I am finally getting to playing around with your linealarm. I must admit I was a bit skeptical… That’s why I only purchased one…..but I have to admit it works beautifully!!! I would like to get eight more of them from you. – Chris

These line alarms are really awesome. I’m a hard sleeper and never wake up to rattle reels, I also very much prefer to fight a fish with a rod and reel vs a hand line. This year I purchased my own fish house and was looking for a product that could solve both of these issues for me, and I stumbled uppon these line alarms. They work so well! Not only do they wake me up, but the light let’s you know when you wake up in the dark what line is down. Also they work great when your busy chatting with friends and not paying attention to your lines, or if your busy cooking. After two weekends on the ice three of my fishing buddies who stopped over to hang out are ordering line alarms for their houses after seeing how well they work. I’m very happy with this product. I have only used them two weekends, so l can’t speak for the longevity of them, but so far I’m very impressed, and so are all of my friends. – Dylan

The Linealarms came in today. We used the first two last weekend and they worked great. Four out of our 5 walleye were caught on the Linealarm rods. Thanks for a great product! – Staye H

I ordered 2 line alarms and received them 2 days later! I used them on very light biting fish and they worked awesome no more losing fish pulling line by hand my kids can reel them up every time!! My worry was the fish would feel the line pull out of the alarm but that’s not the case!! It’s super sensitive and works slick!! Having a light on them to know which one is buzzing in the middle of the night is great! I will be ordering more to replace all my rattle reels! Thanks for the great product! – Mike Redmann

I have used my line alarm on my last few trips and have loved it. I like the fact that I can use my own poles. The alarm sound will get u out of bed or u can still hear it over the tv when u get to focused on some playoff football. The light makes it easy to find when u hear it go off. I bought a few extra mounts so I can move them around as I wish. What a great Prouduct!! – Chuck Rhiner

Up on Red lake where the walleyes will only bite the dead stick that last weekend. No one like to stare at their bobber the whole time. These alarms caught all the fish and never had to stare at the bobber just playing cards enjoying friends an the alarm goes off fish on. We had best luck with leaving 3 in slack so once bobber goes under the line would pull out so when bobber was completely under water the fish was on the hook. No more rattle reels. I have one for every hole in my ice castle. Amazing product. – Ben Olsen

I had the “Buzzer” up at LOW last year and it was a pole saver. I feel asleep watching a movie, the “Buzzer” went off and boom the fish was in the house! – Greg Anderson

I bought one of these at the St. Paul show. My husband made fun of me and thought what a gimmic, until we went to Red Lake and I used it – caught more fish and lost less than him. He loved it and had to order three more for next week. Highly recommend, replace your rattle wheels and use the line alarm, works 100 times better. – Cathy Battaglia

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